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The Wealth Corners in Your Office & Your Home


Importance of Money

You may not be someone who singularly follows wealth and money as the motto of your life, but you have got to admit that money is a significant factor in life and its deficiency makes you frustrated. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate reasonable amount of wealth in life and having done that, it is equally important to manage it well and disperse it discretely. Question is : How do you do that? Your Feng Shui Wealth corners may help you in this aspect.

Generation, Accumulation & Retention of Wealth

Your home and your office have areas which are suitable to help with generation, accumulation and retention of wealth. Some may be significantly so while others may be circumstantial (act as wealth corners for a shorter period of time). You can choose to understand, identify and leverage on these wealth corners in your office and in your home, so that you can lead a propitious life.

Workings of Energies

Understanding the workings of energies within your home and office is a very complex topic. Many Feng Shui Masters invest their entire life time to learn, experiment, validate and apply this complex knowledge for their clients. It is almost impossible to transmit such complex metaphysical knowledge and experiences over a blog post.

To keep things simplified for ease of reading, in our next couple of blog posts, we will focus on the annual wealth corners and destructive corners for 2015 so that you can be empowered to leverage and more importantly to avoid or reduce the destructive corners. Keep a look out.

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