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Auspicious Feng Shui Date & Time


Auspicious Date N Time

The Key To Successful Feng Shui Implementations

The success of every feng shui strategy applied lies in the auspicious date and time of implementation!

The annual flying stars energies will change with effect from 4 Feb 2016, 17:46hrs.  Your will need to adjust your annual feng shui strategies after the annual energies have shifted.  As mentioned in my previous post, there are a number of possible feng shui enhancements and remedies for 2016.


Selected Auspicious Date & Time

As promised, we have selected an auspicious date and timing for you to implement your feng shui fixes.







Possible Feng Shui Implementations

To remedy annual calamity energies, hang copper bell with six copper coins in the North-East sector of your home or office.

To remedy annual broken energies, apply salt water solution in the North sector of your home or office.

To activate peach blossom energies, place a nice vase with fresh flowers in the West sector of your home or office.


For other enhancements or remedies, please email to for more details.

Good luck and may you have a great year in the year of the Fire Monkey!


Dorisq Tan






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